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    Hongkong Zou Chunhui (International) design office is a professional hotel design organization. To participate in a number of well-known hotel design
projects, including BANYAN, TREE, JW, MARRIOTT, TANGLA, RAFFLES, CPOWNPLAZA, SOFITEL, SHERATON, HILTON and other international brand hotels.
In recent ten years, he has participated in the planning and design of many large projects, and has rich experience in design.
    The company has set up branch offices in Hongkong, Shenzhen, Hainan,Hunan and Henan in just a few years, and set up research centers in Italy.
This is a company focused on the global high-end hotel space design, soft furnishings, art furnishings, hotel investment and other one-stop service agencies.
After ten long years, CHD ushered in today's glory.
    A developing and outstanding design team, a human living space landscaping presents, is burstingwith passion. To create the perfect, most harmonious,
most natural and comfortable hotel for the dream of CHD, adhering to the "integration of nature, interactive, ancient and modern" purpose,
this is the dream power!. This is a glorious time for our CHD, and this is CHD full of dreams and passions.
    Under the leadership of Mr. Zou Chunhui, the CHD team will continue to have a dream, adhere to the "creation, challenge, dedication and devotion" spirit,
bring the end, to create a classic, create miracle, create brilliant for Chinese design community, to create the world's best brand design.
This is CHD's future beauty, the most ideal work. We will continue to improve ourselves.



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